Street style sketching at the season’s fashion weeks

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have already seen some of these, but I thought I’d put up all the guerrilla sketching I’ve done inside and outside the shows this season. At some point I plan to use them to develop into something more polished, but I think there’s a lot to be said for the on-the-spot roughness and accidental mark-making that goes along with quick sketching. (And some of these were REALLY quick.)

As well as the classic illustrators like Gladys Perint Palmer, Antonio, Gruau and David Downton, I take a lot of inspiration in this from the Polish, London-based artist Feliks Topolski (1907-1989), who used illustration as a sort of reportage in covering everything from war to the Christian Dior’s haute couture show of 1957, and printing them in his “Chronicles” 24 times a year – I’ve got an original edition of the Haute Couture issue that I bought at the South Bank space dedicated to him, a couple of years ago. What I love is that such speed and looseness can still create a really coherent picture that tells a story, without the over-attention to accuracy that I find hard to shake off in my own work.

Coco Chanel by Feliks Topolski, 1957

He’s really worth a look; his work is full of life and narrative. I’d love to put something like that together once a week for the fashion season, but I suppose his Chronicles were almost like a prototype blog in its day, so there’s probably no need for it nowadays.

Anyway, I’m no Topolski, but I hope you like these little sketches.



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