Paul Smith, Donna Summer and strong bone structure

The great Donna Summer, for Amelia’s Magazine

I’m rubbish at updating the blog – work and life just get in the way – but that means that a fair amount of stuff has built up between now and my last post. In no particular order, I dashed off this illustration (above) of the late Donna Summer for Amelia’s Magazine‘s online tribute to the late soul diva; I did a few drawings on the tube that, though not finished (people just insist on getting off at their stops, dammit), I’m quite pleased with – and all of which seem to involve good, strong bone structure for some reason; and I went to a brilliant talk at the London Collections: Men in which the great Suzy Menkes interviewed the equally great Sir Paul Smith. So I drew the two of them, and though I didn’t finish Suzy (I’ve judiciously cropped it), I’m really chuffed with her face (though I was seating about four rows back, so didn’t have a perfect view). Personally my favourite of all is the unfinished head (the third pic), who was a man on the Northern Line, reading, but I think he knew I was drawing him so I stopped! I think if you gave him a grey wig he’d look exactly like Dr Samuel Johnson. As ever, I’d love to know what you think.

Paul Smith at the London Collections: Men
Suzy Menkes at London Collections: Men



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