Lana Del Rey: she’s armless

The singer Lana Del Rey rather baffles me. A couple of great songs and a fantastic image have made her persona very much grata in the fashion world, even if the music critics remain sceptical. But somehow I find it very hard to feel any connection to her; I’m not a fan of women who play dumb, and I’m aware that the vacuous look is part of her act, but I do wish she’d perk up. Clearly I’m getting old. I looked back at some old Lana Turner images (to reference the Lana Turner wave, which was surprisingly elusive), and what struck me was the intelligent, inquisitive and knowing spark in her eyes.

Lana Del Rey in Altuzarra at the Met Gala. © Gemma Champ

I did, though, really enjoy her outfit at the Met Gala this week, designed by Altuzarra. It was a bit vampirical, a bit silver-screen-siren, and brilliantly the silhouette was made flawless by the decision to hide her arms under her cloak. I sometimes get the impression that designers would love to do away with extraneous limbs to keep their precious lines as clean as possible. So I painted her outfit this afternoon. Like it?



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