Where do jodhpurs begin and harem pants end?

It’s a tricky one. I guess it’s at the knee, but these Ralph Lauren AW12 trousers combine the two in a rather alluring check. Or it was an alluring check until I tried painting it, at which point it became a muddy mess. It looked so nice as a drawing, too – gutting.

I would add, however, that I think it is a rare, sylph-like creature who can get away with such a trouser. Those of us under five-foot nine and over a size six would probably be wise to confine ourselves to the collection’s gorgeous little tweed jackets, perky felt cloche or bowler hats and Fair Isle tanks.

This was my favourite collection from NYFW, but really the best bits of all were in the detail of the accessories and the luxurious evening wear. I might give that a go another day, but for now here’s one before-and-after that would have been better without the colour makeover.

Ralph Lauren AW12
© Gemma Champ
Ralph Lauren AW12
© Gemma Champ

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