At last…

I return to the blogosphere. It’s been a busy few weeks, during which I have written about things as diverse as Sly Stone’s new album and the art of baby massage. Such is the life of a freelancer. I’ve also done a bit of fashion, of course – a little piece about the Gucci Women In Film award, won by Jessica Chastain, and a little column about the heritage of fashion – one of my favourite subjects.

It was prompted by a visit to the Staffordshire Hoard, which was temporarily on show at Lichfield Cathedral, very near to where it was excavated a couple of years ago.

It’s a wonderful collection of Anglo-Saxon gold ornaments from now-disintegrated weapons. It’s interesting that it’s the ornaments that have survived 1,400 years, rather than the actual swords and shields. It’s also a nice irony that it would have been the most macho and virile of men wearing these delicate pieces of gold and garnet cloisonné, and filigree so fine that it defies explanation by modern jewellers.


Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, but I did get some postcards. The most amazing piece was this tiny seahorse. The exhibition provided a magnifying glass for full appreciation of the detail.

As we gird our loins for the fashion weeks – New York’s just started and I’m already overwhelmed just following it on Twitter, and slightly dreading the relentless schedule awaiting me in Paris – it’s worth the reminder that a genuinely wonderful piece of clothing or accessory can look amazing more than a millennium on. Will the same be said of any of this season’s catwalk pieces, I wonder?


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